1.   I cannot connect to my device anymore via Bluetooth, what can i do?

a. Enable Bluetooth.
b. Make sure your device is within 3ft of the speaker.
c. Un-pair the speaker on your device, then try to re-pair.
d. If the unit still does not work as intended, please contact our helpdesk.


2.Is it possible to pair two speakers with one device simultaneously?

  No, devices are generally only able to pair with a single speaker at a time.however, DINDIN's new products will allow one device to be paired with multiple speakers, so stay tuned.


3.Can the DINDIN speaker be used to provide audio for video, such as watching a movie on a tablet?

  Yes. However, the quality of the experience—specifically, synchronization between audio and video—may be compromised due to various signal processing technologies implemented in the speakers.


4.What happens when my phone is streaming music to the DINDIN speaker and a call comes in?

When a call comes in, the audio on the DINDIN will pause, and the call will ring through the speaker.The speaker can only play sound, and cannot make or receive calls.Once you end your call, music playback will resume. 


5.What is the wireless range of the DINDIN speaker’s Bluetooth performance?

The speaker has a wireless range up to 10 m. Performance can be affected by obstacles such as walls, interference from Wi-Fi or other wireless devices.