The First Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker for Young People -- DINDIN


Ever wondered why is it important to find a good quality outdoor speaker? These speakers are supposed to project music not only to a specific distance but also to make sure the quality does not deteriorate regardless of the weather conditions. Many factors affect a speaker's quality. These include a flat frequency response chart, among other things, to ensure there is less variation in loudness when the frequency changes.

Not everyone is an expert when it comes to choosing the best outdoor speaker. And especially when you want something that is also portable and offers some amazing features for the youngsters, such as flickering lights and heavy bass.

In this article, I will talk to you about the company DINDIN and the amazing Traveler Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker it offers. This speaker has been rated as the best speaker for young people and good reasons. So,let's find out why it is known as the first outdoor speaker for young people.


DINDIN is one of the most revolutionary music and sound device production companies in the market ever since its arrival on the scene in 2019. For the last three years, DINDIN has made quite a huge impact on the music scene. With impressive products like Karaoke systems, Bluetooth speakers, Microphones, and proper sound equipment, DINDIN has slowly made its way into the musical lives of a lot of people because of its affordable and competitive devices.

The employees at DINDIN believe in only one thing, innovation. So, with thorough research about the best technology in the market, DINDIN aims to produce some of the best, most effective, and high-quality musical equipment and technology for the masses. That’s why DINDIN is one of the best speakers and recording equipment manufacturers in the market right now, and that’s also why you should definitely check out their products because once you try them, you’re definitely going to love them.

Traveler Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

The Traveler Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker is one of the best inventions of DINDIN when it comes to Bluetooth Speaker technology. It sounds crisp, clear, and loud.

Not only does it offer amazing sound, but it is also a very visually aesthetic speaker system. Also, it works as a karaoke system as well. The design of this Bluetooth Speaker is pretty neat.

Your parties and outdoor barbeques and picnics will be delighted with the new and amazing Traveler Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker because it is a great piece of technology and has a lot to offer.

Features and Specs

If you’re thinking about getting the Traveler Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker system, learning about the specs

and features it offers is also important. Let’s take a look at them.

  • Epic Lighting Effects – On the front of the Traveler Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker System, there is a lot of amazing LED lighting design which emits different lighting patterns and effects perfect for parties and outdoor activities with your friends and families. These lighting effects are extremely amazing and fit for all kinds of occasions.
  • Heavy Bass – One of the best things about the Bluetooth Speaker by DINDIN is the double subwoofer heavy bass inclusion that offers a crisp sound, clean vocals, and an overall bass-heavy stream of music that is apt for loud environments like outdoors.
  • Portable Design – The design of the Traveler Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker System is very compact and perfect for all kinds of occasions. It is a very portable device that comes with a holding bracket. You can hold it and take the speaker system wherever you possibly want without a problem.
  • Remote Control – There is a cool-looking remote-control device that comes with the Traveler Outdoor

Bluetooth Speaker System that you can use to perform many different functions, including changing songs,

controlling multimedia, changing lighting effects, and much more.

  • Bluetooth 5.0 – The latest Bluetooth technology, Bluetooth 5.0, is used in this speaker device. It can operate at a distance greater than 10 meters which are actually quite cool and impressive.

Why You Should Get the Traveler Bluetooth Speaker

Other than the amazing specs and features the Traveler Bluetooth Speaker comes with, you must be interested in knowing what’s unique about this speaker and why exactly should you get it? So, let’s take a look at the benefits of this speaker and why you should prefer it over others.

Mobile Holder

In most portable Bluetooth speakers, you have to continuously keep your phone in your hand to change the songs and play the music that everyone would like, essentially making you the DJ, which ends up taking away all the fun you were going to have in the party.

But with the Traveler Outdoor Speaker system, you can place your phone in the mobile holder above the speaker system and then use the remote to change things up whenever you want while also enjoying the party at the same time. No need for a DJ if you’ve got the Traveler Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker System with you at your parties.

Compact in Size

Bluetooth Speakers are usually very small-sized, which means that although they can be handheld, they cannot emit any sounds, which is quite a problem. But that’s not the case with the Traveler Speaker system. It is compact in size but not small at all.

You don’t need to constantly hold it in your hand to take it from one place to another. It comes with a fairly decent bracket that you can grab it by along with other things and take wherever you want. Instead of holding it with dear life, you can swing it around while having more space on your hand to hold other bags as well.

Amazing Performance

Most Bluetooth speakers are just placeholders and don’t sound that good or clear. So you just keep them to give your parties a background beat at times. But that’s not the case with the amazing Traveler Bluetooth Outdoor Speaker System.

The sound of the Traveler Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker System is better than most portable music systems out there. It doesn’t only sound clear and crisp, but it also has a heavy bass feature that gives the songs you play a certain pop that makes the musical experience all the more amazing. So, in terms of performance, the Traveler speaker by DINDIN is one of the best in the market without a doubt.

Affordable Price

Have you ever seen a Bluetooth speaker system that is compact in size and incredible in terms of performance? Cheap; I didn’t think so. Surely not before the Traveler Bluetooth Speaker system came into the picture.

If we look at the price of the Traveler Bluetooth Speaker system, it costs very slim compared to other Bluetooth speakers and offers much more in terms of features and specs. This is precisely why you should prefer the Traveler Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker system over others and exactly why DINDIN is such a great company when it comes to high-quality music equipment for your fun and parties.

Buy Gift Cards for Your Loved Ones

DINDIN is a company that offers amazing opportunities and services to its customers. A new great and customer-friendly inclusion on the DINDIN website is the gift card purchase option.

You can actually buy multiple gift cards from their website and use these gift cards to buy the amazing products and recording equipment with the finest components from DINDIN.

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Complete Customer Satisfaction

The employees and customer service reps at DINDIN are all about complete customer satisfaction. Once you purchase their products, you’re going to become a part of their family.

DINDIN offers the best customer service by far in comparison to any speaker and recording tech manufacturing company. In addition, the After-sales customer service is truly incredible.

If you buy the Traveler Outdoor Speaker System or any other speaker or microphone equipment from DINDIN and your experience isn’t how you expected it to be, all you need to do is contact the After-sales team, and all your problems will be addressed right away so that you can feel at ease.

Moreover, there’s another great option that your friends and loved ones can benefit from. If you’ve purchased an item, 100 of your friends can contact the After-sales customer service team and get a huge discount on their music products from DINDIN, which is very amazing.

Here’s the contact email you can use if you have any queries about your products or problems with them: The overall customer service experience of DINDIN as a company is great. You’re going to have a great experience even if you end up buying anything from DINDIN.


The Traveler Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker is a great product, and it offers a lot more than it costs, making it one of the best portable Bluetooth speaker systems in terms of value. So, buying it would be a great decision for you. I hope you learned a lot from this article and that you’re going to have an amazing experience at your parties with DINDIN’s Traveler Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker.